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Benny had many sides to his very confident, fair but domineering personality. He was extremely tough, blind to races and nationalities and way ahead of his time as a union leader. Those who knew him, even his enemies, called him fair as fair can be and honest as the day is long, almost to a fault. 

Luna Park is Benny "Big Ben" Iacampo's true story who in his heyday was a massive 6' 3”, 245 pound man. He used his legendary and vice like handshake as his letter of introduction.

Benny never made a promise he could not keep. He would consistently answer any request, no matter who it came from, thusly: "I'll see what I can do". 

Through the years Benny was at the epicenter of the tensions between his union and the Cleveland Mob. He did his utmost to keep his union clean and mob free; a difficult and dangerous task that would be one hell of a challenge for anyone.

Benny had what it took to pull it off; until one of his "I'll see what I can dos" backfired on him.  He agreed to help Frank Mannetti get Anthony Liberatore out of prison by putting him to work as a laborer with Local 860. Mannetti played on Benny's soft side with his request "Benny he made a few mistakes like you did when you were a kid." 

Jimmy Johnson was
 a giant of a black man who was member of local 860 and one of Benny's closest allies. JJ owned a bar as a sideline on Prospect Ave called The Derby Hat that caused JJ monumental problems. Besides the bar and its patrons being a headache to the big man, Jimmy was married to a beautiful Italian girl.  This in itself made things even more difficult with many people, especially in the Italian community. Interracial marriage was not a well-accepted thing in those days.  

After being hired by Benny as a laborer, the very charismatic Tony Liberator, who could charm the pants off of Mother Theresa, became entrenched in Local 860 inner workings, like a weasel in a hen house. Friction between Jimmy Johnson and Tony Lib heated up as Big Jimmy tried to protect and watch Benny's back.  Jimmy knew Tony was mobbed up, union man by day, up and coming mobster by night. Jimmy tried to warn Benny about Tony’s double life but his words fell on deaf ears for quiet sometime.

Jimmy and Tony had a tremendous falling out where Jimmy gave Tony a real beating. Shortly thereafter Jimmy went missing. Two weeks after his disappearance Jimmy was found in Detroit in the trunk of his car.  As a message to others, Jimmy had his "family jewels" cut off and stuck in his mouth. His murder was never solved. 





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