"The Good the Bad and the Brutal"      


        Angelo Leonardo               Jimmy Johnson               Danny Greene                   John Scalish
    Biggest  informant in FBI  history               Very close ally  to Benny                            Hated by the Italian Mafia                          "Old school Don" - died
    When they turned up the heat Big Ang              Found in Detroit in the trunk                      Lived and died by the bomb                           the operating table and
    sang like a canary.                                                with his family jewels in his                                                                                           left the mob in shambles 

    Father William "OD" O'Donnell
                                          John Nardi                         Anthony Tony Lib" Liberatore
    Benny's confessor and best friend - they had                     Hated by the Italian mob when         Cleveland mobster that could charm
     a love/hate relationship all their lives                                he teamed up with Danny Greene          Charm the pants off of Mother
                                                                                            to try and take control of the rubbish.        Theresa

                Shondor Burns                  Old friends Jimmy Hoffa and Benny             Jesse Owens
     Cleveland bookmaker with strong                Both men had their hands full with the "other side      Benny's long time friend - 1936
      ties to Cleveland City Hall -                                              1963 Miami, Florida                                  Olympic  winning 4 gold medals.
      invent  the sun roof unwillingly                                                                                                                 

         Danny Green made the headlines           Jimmy "The Weasel" Fratianno                                 Danny Greene
       but this time never got a chance to                          Pulled the pin on "The Irishman                                       last trip to the dentist
       read about them                                                                   Another FBI canary

These true to life people were friends and some of them foes of Benny. He had to deal with many diverse personalities on a daily basis. Luna Park is a tense, gritty, true story that is filled with murder, mayhem, sex and betrayal that affected Big Ben's life at one time or another or sometimes all at once.


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